01:30 Mar 29 2014 Bir Dakoue, Jisr Al Harimah, El Establ, Qada al Biqaa al Gharbi, Lebanon

Dakoue, Dekweh or Dakoueh is a village 3 kilometres southwest of Mejdel Anjar. There is an archaeological site attributed to the Qaraoun culture located 700 metres (2,300 ft) northwest of the village where plentiful Heavy Neolithic flint axes and waste material were found along with a large amounts of Paleolithic material.

Behind the village stands the ruins of a Roman temple that retains a central courtyard and front colonnade of three columns. The temple was converted into a church and a chapel can be accessed via an opening in the west wall. There is a path leading from the temple to an ancient graveyard with tombs and sarcophagi. George Taylor noted the temple was aligned to the south west and classified it as a Prostylos temple and noted that the decoration of the window, cornice and capital displayed a design unique in Lebanon.
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City/Village: Dakoue
Building or Site Name: Dakoue
Approximate Date of Construction: 10000 - 8200 BC

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