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Kfar Abida - Tell Fadous & Fadous Sud 0 Verified

23:55 May 04, 2014

Kfar Abida or Kfar Aabida is a village located 2 km south of Batroun in the North Governorate. Part of the village in the south west is also... More Information » « Less Information

Sea Highway, Berzqain, Qada al Batroun, North Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon

Dekwaneh 0 Unverified

22:46 May 04, 2014

Dekwaneh is a suburb in the Matn District, north or Beirut. Two prehistoric, flint factory sites were found nearby. Dekwaneh I is approximately... More Information » « Less Information

Slav street, شارع السلاف, Sinn el Fil, Slat, Qada al Matn, Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon

Dakoue 0 Unverified

01:30 Mar 29, 2014

Dakoue, Dekweh or Dakoueh is a village 3 kilometres southwest of Mejdel Anjar. There is an archaeological site attributed to the Qaraoun culture... More Information » « Less Information

Bir Dakoue, Jisr Al Harimah, El Establ, Qada al Biqaa al Gharbi, Lebanon

Beit Meri II 0 Verified

00:17 Mar 29, 2014

Beit Meri II is east of the road from Beit Meri to Deir el Qala'a on a sloping plateau facing the junction of the Nahr Meten and Nahr Jamani.... More Information » « Less Information

Beit Meri, Qada al Matn, Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon

Al-Bireh 0 Verified

22:33 Mar 28, 2014

A Heavy Neolithic archaeological site of the Qaraoun culture was discovered at Al-Bireh by the Catholic, Jesuit archaeologist Auguste Bergy... More Information » « Less Information

Er Rafid, Qada Rashayya, Lebanon

Akkar plain foothills 0 Verified

22:16 Mar 28, 2014

Several surface archaeological sites have been found in the Akkar Plain foothills between Halba and Adbe in the Akkar District of North Governorate... More Information » « Less Information

Ain ej Jorn, En Nfeisse, Qada Akkar, Lebanon

Aadloun II / Bezez Cave 0 Verified

21:58 Mar 28, 2014

Aadloun II, Mugharet el Bzaz or Bezez Cave is a cave on the east of the road heading to Tyre recessed into a cliff at a height of approximately... More Information » « Less Information

Kherbet Deir Mouqaniye, Sea Highway, Mazraat Nahhoule, Qada Sayda, South Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon

Qaraoun Flint Workshops 0 Unverified

00:48 Dec 31, 2013

Qaraoun flint workshops were discovered around the area of lake Qaraoun by Rev. Father Henri Fleisch in the 1950s and 60s, where the "Heavy... More Information » « Less Information

Qaraoun, Lebanon

The Garden of Eden / Kharsag Archaeological site 1 Verified

00:06 Dec 31, 2013

The Aaiha plain was the first neolithic settlement with ruins of an irrigation watercourse running through the 2km square basin, remains of... More Information » « Less Information

Aaiha, Lebanon

1-9 of 9 Reports
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