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Three to four story building on Laban Street - Caracass - Hamra 0 Verified

18:41 Nov 09, 2014

In the second half of Laban Street, 300 meters after the red cross and Lagos building, this beautiful building has beautiful curves and a huge... More Information » « Less Information

Laban Street

Hôtel Saint-Georges de Beyrouth 0 Verified

10:25 Apr 04, 2014

A beautiful abandoned, war-torn hotel. Built under the French Mandate by french and lebanese architects, it is a symbol of the modernistic wave... More Information » « Less Information

Minet El-Hosn

Beautiful Old Bldg 0 Unverified

09:25 Apr 03, 2014

old building in beirut was removed from the historical siting to be sold and demolished More Information » « Less Information

Parallel to Barbar Spears, same street of Al Bayader School

Dakoue 0 Unverified

01:30 Mar 29, 2014

Dakoue, Dekweh or Dakoueh is a village 3 kilometres southwest of Mejdel Anjar. There is an archaeological site attributed to the Qaraoun culture... More Information » « Less Information

Bir Dakoue, Jisr Al Harimah, El Establ, Qada al Biqaa al Gharbi, Lebanon

Beit Meri II 0 Verified

00:17 Mar 29, 2014

Beit Meri II is east of the road from Beit Meri to Deir el Qala'a on a sloping plateau facing the junction of the Nahr Meten and Nahr Jamani.... More Information » « Less Information

Beit Meri, Qada al Matn, Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon

Al-Bireh 0 Verified

22:33 Mar 28, 2014

A Heavy Neolithic archaeological site of the Qaraoun culture was discovered at Al-Bireh by the Catholic, Jesuit archaeologist Auguste Bergy... More Information » « Less Information

Er Rafid, Qada Rashayya, Lebanon

Akkar plain foothills 0 Verified

22:16 Mar 28, 2014

Several surface archaeological sites have been found in the Akkar Plain foothills between Halba and Adbe in the Akkar District of North Governorate... More Information » « Less Information

Ain ej Jorn, En Nfeisse, Qada Akkar, Lebanon

Grand-Théâtre de Beyrouth, an endangered cultural landmark 1 Verified

01:49 Mar 22, 2014

Built by renowned architect Youssef Aftimos in the late 1920s, owned by Trad family, the Grand-Théâtre is a symbol of the evolution... More Information » « Less Information

Emir Bachir Street, facing Maarad Street

White building facing ABC 0 Unverified

21:18 Jan 30, 2014

Complex of 2 buildings facing ABC, on Furn El Hayek street. Seems promised to destruction, typical form of old lebanese architecture. More Information » « Less Information

Corner of Furn El Hayek street

Early 1900s traditional building 0 Verified

20:47 Jan 27, 2014

Traditional and typical lebanese building from the early 20th century, built with ramleh stone with beautiful traditional features: 3 arcades,... More Information » « Less Information

Rue de l'hopital Orthodoxe, Rmeil

Ka'keh bldg, Zukak el Blatt 0 Verified

12:11 Jan 26, 2014

Traditional house from the end of the XIX c. Hall central type, with richly decorated ceiling. Abandonned and with a lot of (voluntary?) damages... More Information » « Less Information

Zukak el Blatt facing Bechara el Khoury Palace

House in tripoli 'tal' area 0 Unverified

19:00 Jan 10, 2014

An old house (ottoman I believe) in the tal square in tripoli is almost about to crumble down. One of the most beautiful houses I've seen.... More Information » « Less Information

Tripoli, Lebanon

Saeh Library - Torched 0 Verified

21:05 Jan 04, 2014

Very old Library held by Greek Orthodox Father Ibrahim Sourouj. On 4-1-14, Civil Defense teams struggled to put out the flames which engulfed... More Information » « Less Information

El Tall

Illegal rock quarry in Temnine 0 Unverified

20:42 Dec 30, 2013

Vast area around the pin, turned head over heels by illegal quarry works. More Information » « Less Information

lebanon, bekaa, tamnine al faouqa,

Heritage building on the Fouad Boutros Highway path. 1 Verified

00:46 Dec 01, 2013

Building at risk of demolition (signs of destruction seen), threatened by the Fouad Boutros Highway project that will destroy the Hekmeh neighborhood. More Information » « Less Information

Rue des trois docteurs, Hemkeh (Sagesse) Area, Rmeil, Beirut, Lebanon

Immeuble de L'Union 0 Verified

10:11 Nov 30, 2013

Sanayeh neighborhood was designed from the late nineteenth century under the Ottoman Empire. Originally, the district Sanayeh is articulated... More Information » « Less Information

Union Building , Neighborhood of Arts and Crafts, Sanayeh, Beirut, Lebanon

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