The Garden of Eden / Kharsag Archaeological site

00:06 Dec 31 2013 Aaiha, Lebanon

The Garden of Eden / Kharsag Archaeological site
The Aaiha plain was the first neolithic settlement with ruins of an irrigation watercourse running through the 2km square basin, remains of a feeder reservoir and sinkhole that leads to an underground river forming the source of the Hasbani and therefore most northerly source of the Jordan River. The site is the suggested location of the domestication event of emmer wheat and barley.
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Edmund Marriage (Dec 31 2013)
Thank you for featuring the Garden of Eden site in the Rachaya/Aiha basin below Mt Hermon. Understanding how agriculture and civilisation was re-started by a small group of survivors from global catastrophe, will change the world by removing the religious and political divisions which divide us. Our brilliant and benevolent advanced ancestors never intended that their social organisation should break down into the current chaos and killing. Bearing false witness beyond the rule of law divides and diminishes civilisation. The truth before the world Edmund Marriage - Patrick Foundation Golden Age Project.
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