Beit Meri II

00:17 Mar 29 2014 Beit Meri, Qada al Matn, Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon

Beit Meri II
Beit Meri II is east of the road from Beit Meri to Deir el Qala'a on a sloping plateau facing the junction of the Nahr Meten and Nahr Jamani. It was found by M. Gautier who recovered Heavy Neolithic flint tools from the surface. V. Hankey also recovered some retouched blades from this area.

Beit Meri I is an Acheulean site. One of the hills in the town also has the remains of Phoenician and Roman temples. There are other Roman and Byzantine ruins in the area and a Maronite monastery dedicated to John the Baptist.
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City/Village: Beit Meri
Building or Site Name: Beit Meri II
Approximate Date of Construction: 10000-8200 BC

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